Pre ride brief for shop, club and team rides


5 Steps to consider when briefing a team

Before the group ride sets off, the ride leader can follow these 5 simple steps to make the ride fun, safe and enjoyable.

1. Welcoming everyone to the ride

Riding is a social activity which helps promote friendships, camaraderie and inclusiveness.

Welcome new riders, encourage everyone to support newbies and introduce yourself as the ride leader.

Offer mentors or buddies to make getting started as easy as possible

2. Communicate about 

a. Ride information

Distance, speed, expected time back, ride stops, re-grouping points, how the group rolls turns.

Hazards if known, maybe traffic bottlenecks, road construction, road crossings, specific tips or things to watch out for.

b. Coffee and rest stops

You may have a particular cafe you stop at or have defined rest /toilet stops along the way.

c. Safety messages

Its important to keep the ride safe, for not only the participants, but other road users and surrounding riders.

This ensures that all riders ride safely and behave appropriately while maintaining bunch riding etiquette.

3. Answer any questions 

This may be anything from “What happens if I get dropped?”.

4. Communication on Bunchrides


a. Introduce Bunchrides

Explain how Bunchrides is the preferred method of communication for all training rides to keep everyone up to date.

b. Assist riders to join Bunchrides

  • riders will need to register on Bunchrides
  • then request to join their preferred team
  • once approved they can view all of the team ride information

5a. Favouriting your ride



To easily keep up to date, favourite your ride to create a short cut.

5b. Go to the favourites icon


 Easily find your favourites from a web browser.

5c. Go to the favourites icon 

 Or from the Android or iOS app.

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