My ride activity will not match to an existing bunchride


Bunchrides uses an algorithm to match your ride activity to existing bunchrides. In order to ensure that we do not match to the wrong ride we have set parameters. These include:

1.Same route but with sections of GPS drift

Sometimes the recording of the exact GPS location can be effected by buildings or a tree canopy.

The tell tale sign is your ride activity route going through buildings or over water.

Whether you have create a bunch ride that has GPS drift or your ride activity has GPS drift will result in your ride activity not matching to an existing bunchride. 

2.Same route but different day/time

To be an exact match, your ride activity must not only have the exact same route but have been ridden on the same day and time


 3.Similar route but slight variances

If you stop at the same spot at your favourite cafe, to re-group on route then the Bunchrides system will match to this ride. Our algorithm will ignore what we call "Spaghetti", that is the tangled loops that are created when you are stationary or moving slowly.

Will not match

In this example, the rider has continued past their usual cafe stop so the system will not match to this ride activity


4.Same start point, ride finishes before existing bunchride

The rider travels along the route of an existing bunchride but diverges before the end of the existing bunchride.

This is quite common for some very popular bunchrides whereby riders may depart along the existing route to join friends for coffee or to get back home or to work.

NOTE: we strongly advise against creating new variations that are really not part of the main bunchride or known finishing point.
The implications of creating every conceivable variation is a group ride directory that ceases to be of value to the general riding community.



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