2.The main content, photos and preview image

Adding text

Use the text editing features to control the Style, text size, font, heading size and colour.


Adding photos and images

1.Resize the image using a photo editing tool

Using Photoshop or any other photo editing tool, resize the image to either 660 pixels x 495 pixels (Landscape) or 660 pixels x 880 pixels to fit within our image aspect ratio.

Save the image using the option "Save for web" which will reduce the file size

The Bunchrides image uploader will automatically resize images to fit with the native 660 wide pixel width. Failure to stay within this pixel dimension will lead to distortion of the image.

Tip: For SEO, add a description to the photo under "Alternative text"

Note:For the Bunchrides photo uploader to successfully process your image, only use .jpeg files and ensure that the file name has dashes, i.e. Trish-on-her-way-home.jpg


Uploading the preview image

Using the same photo editing procedures as for the main content images, resize the preview image to 330 pixels x 330 pixels

Note: Once you have uploaded, you will not see the image


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