Team Notifications

A really handy feature is being able to quickly notify all team members via a phone notification (push notification) to all team members. (See our privacy section to restrict who can view your team chat)

This feature is only available to the Team(s) administrators and be used for:

1.Organise a team ride

2.While on the ride letting the team know of a change in plans, i.e. a different cafe

3.An emergency - quickly really critical information to all team members

If you're not a team member, don't worry as you can still post in the team chat and any team member who follows you will receive an update in their profile chat feed.

1.Quickly communicate to all team members

 2. Create a new message from "team chat"


3.Write your message and tick the box "Also notify all team members"

4.All team members will receive a phone & web notifications



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