Group ride name - what is it?

Bunchrides have developed our unique hierarchical structure for naming Bunch rides to avoid unnecessary duplication and eliminating the need to create a list of every conceivable ride name, variation, day and time. 

A group ride name consists of 4 elements, the Ride title, variation, day and time. A group ride title may consist of one or many variations.



1.A listing of various group rides


2.A ride title can consist of many variations

3.An example of 1/2 variations 


4.An example of 2/2 variations 


5.A completed ride consisting of ride title - variation name - day - time

6.Do and don'ts

In your ride title do not include:

The day, time, the type of pace, 

In your variation do not include:

The day, time, the type of pace,

If the ride route is known by a team, club, region or rider name, you can use the term "original" to denote that this is what the group ride is known as



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