Corrupted files message when uploading

Corrupted data file message

A message stating that you have "x" number of corrupted files indicates that at some point from the stime you pressed "start" on your garmin to the time you pressed "Finish" and "reset" the GPS data was corrupted.

This may take the form of:

  1. Missing data point information, i.e. the longitude and latitude
  2. Restarting a previous ride when you had not "reset", ie you pressed stop in location A and restarted the same ride at location B which is 20kms from the end of location A
  3. Restarting a previous ride from the day before, ie you pressed stop on Saturday and resumed the ride on Sunday If this issue persists, please create a support ticket

Missing data point data - how can this be fixed?

Currently we need to add this feature to the when processing .fit field form the Garmin device.
We hope this will be done latter this year

As a temporary fix, you can submit your corrupted .fit files by creating a support ticket.


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