Just like the Tour de France, with Bunchrides you can name ‘stages’ or sections of the group ride. Stages can be ‘Uphills’ ‘Straights’ ‘Downhills’ or ‘Overall’ - which is the start to finish of the bunchride, similar to the Yellow jersey in the Tour De France. Uphills are similar to the King of the Mountains (KOM) and Straights are similar to the Sprint stages. The Bunchrides awards sections are based on who has achieved the most PB’s (Personal best) for a given ride. Bunchrides motto is “we ride together” and we will never encourage underground or unsanctioned racing as this can prove dangerous to not only riders with the bunch but other cyclists, pedestrians and road users. We do not have a leader board based on the fastest times, only a list of those riders who achieved the most improvements for a particular stage.


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