How do I know whether the bunchride is actually on?

At the moment, all bunchrides default to weekly but we will be adding the ability to define the bunchride frequency to weekly, fortnightly, first Saturday of every month etc.

We recommend the following:

  • Go to the overview section of the bunchride you would like to join. Click the ‘Rides’ tab to view when the last bunchride was ridden and how many rode. If you would like to join the ride on 5.45am Wednesday and riders have uploading their ride activity data on the last four Wednesdays, then it would be reasonably safe to assume the current week would also have a bunchride departing on that day.
  • Check out the ride chat for the latest comments about the last bunchride Usually riders will make comments on the day or following day after a bunchride.
  • Add a comment on “Ride chat” the page of your chosen ride to notify other riders that you will be joining their next ride.


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