How do I create a variation?

To create a variation of an existing bunchride:

  1. Go to the upload section and click the ‘uploaded activities’ button
  2. Select a ride activity you know travels through the start location of an existing bunchride
  3. Select from a list of bunchrides that match the route of your ride activity. They have been cut to form different rides. Before pressing select’, choose your variation option from the drop down list ie.
  • Same bunchride, create new start time
  • Same start point, create new group ride

The existing bunchride will retain its name but you will be prompted to add a secondary name which can include terms like features of the ride, or

  • Distance; e.g. ‘Short’ or ‘Long’
  • where the variation is going to or returning to.
  • Eg. North Road Ride – long via Canadian Bay Rd


When creating a new variation based on an existing group ride, you cannot change the starting point or the ride title.


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