I receive a message saying “corrupted files found”

Your Garmin files may be listed as corrupted for a number of different reasons:

  • A GPS connection was lost for an extended period of time
  • You have pressed ‘stop’ and ‘reset’ without giving Garmin adequate time to finalise a finished file
  • After completing a ride, you have not pressed ‘stop’ and cleared the ride activity
  • You have resumed a ride from a location that does not correspond with the location where you pressed ‘stop’
  • There is corrupted data in the file, e.g. random data has appeared in the data file e.g. with a start time of 01/02/0020

If problems persist, try performing a hard reset to your Garmin device or updating to the latest firmware version. If this does not help, you should return your device to the place of purchase.


Bunchrides will be introducing a tool in a future release that automatically removes corrupted data from your ride activity during the upload process.


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